There is no turning back: Apple no longer signs iOS 13.2

As you know, Apple ceases to sign older versions of iOS some time after the update. This fate has not passed and iOS 13.2.

There is no turning back: Apple no longer signs iOS 13.2

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Exactly one week after the release of iOS 13.2.2, Apple stopped signing the iOS 13.2 code. For ordinary users, this means that they will no longer be able to roll back not to iOS 13.2 in the event of an update. They will have to stay on iOS 13.2.2, the most current publicly available version of iOS 13. And Apple Seed developers and participants can install the beta version of iOS 13.3, the next major update, which is in beta testing.

Recall that iOS 13.2 was a major update that brought support for AirPods Pro, added two hundred new emoji emoticons, and brought support for the Deep Fusion feature on the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. And iOS 13.2.2 is a small update to fix bugs found in iOS 13.2. In particular, the firmware solved the problem with the unexpected shutdown of applications in the background.

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