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The share of iPhone rose due to the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The smartphone market in the USA is largely divided just two brands — Samsung and Apple. And judging by the results of the study, Kantar, in the US there was a situation that was expected after the problems with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. The share of iOS in the third quarter in the U.S. market increased by 40% in the annual comparison, increasing the presence of the iPhone by 7%. Or by one fifth of its share as of the end of October 2015. Analysts explain this situation by the fact that potential buyers are Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is shifted to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The growth of Apple’s share shows that buyers are not deterred by the absence of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus a 3.5 mm connector for headphones, analysts say. Fresh flagship Apple became the leader in U.S. sales, followed by Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 6s. And iPhone 7 Plus has become the fourth most popular smartphone in the United States.

“The lack of headphone Jack, as it turned out, was not a problem for buyers in the United States. the iPhone 7 has become the best-selling smartphone in the third quarter of 2016, reaching 10.6% of total sales of smartphones. iPhone 7 Plus with a share of 5.3% was the fourth best-selling smartphone after the iPhone 6s and Samsung,” says the Director of the direction for the study of consumer behavior from Kantar Lauren Janjua.

According to analysts, in the third quarter of 2016, the share of iPhone increased in most regions of the world. The Apple smartphones are the best selling in Japan, UK and USA, where their share at the end of the reporting period is 51.7%, 44% and 40.5%, respectively.

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And here is the most popular operating system in the smartphone market is still Android. In the United States the proportion of “guglofonov” in the last quarter decreased by 5.6% year-on-year to 57.9 per cent. Android dominates the market for the fifth consecutive year. However, iPhone remains the most desired smartphone in the world.

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