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Opinion: it’s time to admit that the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is better design iPhone 7

Previously, Samsung has released a rather ambiguous flagships with high-quality displays and disgusting design. While Apple switched to glass and aluminum, Samsung has continued to produce phones in a plastic case, which looked cheap and unreliable.

Starting with the Galaxy S6, the South Korean brand changed its policy towards premium design. Now the flagship device of the company dressed in an elegant glass casing with curved edges. Until that time, Apple had advantages in the design, but in recent years the balance of power began to change, and with the release of Galaxy S8 the Cupertino-based company got a very serious rival, says columnist BGR Zach, Epstein.

Apple aims to breathe new life into their smartphones, adding new color options, while Samsung is preparing to introduce one of the most interesting part of the design of the devices. “It’s time to face the truth: the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are made in the design of three years ago, and Galaxy S8 will get a totally new look”, – the journalist writes.

If you compare renders of the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ images iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is evident from several points. First of all, the Samsung device looks much closer to the coveted “full-screen” form factor sought by many manufacturers.

Second, the Galaxy S8 is almost identical in size with the iPhone 7, although is equipped with larger display than the iPhone 7 Plus. In turn, the Galaxy S8+ are almost the same size as the iPhone 7 Plus, although equipped with a display 6.2 inch vs 5.5 inch “Apple” flagship.

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“Add to this elegant design with curved edges on the front and the rear, and you’ll get a smartphone that looks and feels better than the current flagships of Apple”, – the journalist writes.

The presentation of Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ will be held tomorrow, and in the sale of new items arrive next month. A new generation of “Apple” smartphone with a new design is expected in September of this year.

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