How I improved my workplace with a bucket and extension cord

We moved to the new office almost two years ago, and it seems like everything has settled down – the toilets are working, the kitchen is working, everything is more or less neat in the pantry, when it’s dirty on the street, we walk in slippers, everything is set in the set, Sonos are everywhere. The beauty.

It remains to fix a couple of trivialities, but you will still see this in the videos a little later. Well, I’m looking at my workplace and I understand: it’s somehow strange to see it. The table is healthy, there seems to be nothing superfluous. But somehow that's not very good with the wires.

I used the extension cord that I found in the pantry, well, I also found some other cube. Cables are constantly falling from the table. It all looks not very presentable. And I decided to improve my workplace with a bucket, extension cord and cunning panels. Now I’ll tell you everything.


A bucket, of course, is not just a bucket. For many years now, the Bluelounge has launched an accessory called CableBin. This is the basket where you need to put the extension cord.

There’s a shelf right on the bucket, you can put something here. There are two finishes: a light bucket and a dark bucket. Since we have everything here in dark colors, I chose the dark option.

That is, an extension cord inside, cables exit through the slot, everything is neat and good. The main thing is that the extension cord is hidden from the eyes, it is already worth a lot. There is a bucket in the region of 4,600 rubles, I already bought this for an apartment, a great thing. If CableBin is too big for you, you can buy CableBox, a nice little thing for small power supplies.

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I chose the Belkin Surge Plus surge protector (the exact name is BSV804vf2M), for several reasons. I already use such a thing at home, very satisfied. Eight sockets, protection, two additional USB ports. You ask: why so much? Look, everything is very simple.

I need to connect an iMac, a power supply for a laptop, a power supply for a smartphone, a power supply for an iPad (I use it to charge my headphones), a power supply for Nintendo Switch (who doesn’t know, only a complete one can charge a set-top box quickly and properly), a power supply power supply for the camera, well, just in case, connect here USB Type-C and micro-USB cables for Android smartphones.

There are a lot of sockets in the office, it’s understandable, but it’s still more convenient to use a bucket paired with Belkin: all cables are at hand, you can quickly charge any equipment – at least a camera, even a tablet. In general, it turned out very well. A filter costs 3290 rubles or something.

Cable holders

See these little things on the table? What do you think they are for? Everything is very simple: these are cable holders. Insert the cable, it goes back and forth quickly and easily. You need to charge the headphones, pulled out the USB Type-C, charged it, then hid it back. Very comfortably. The holders are called CableDrop Multi, which is also a Bluelounge. I don’t know how much they cost, they were presented to me.

What happened?

It turned out well! All hell with wires is hidden in the bucket, the wires are fixed on the table and do not hang out as they want, you can put headphones, a camera or an irrigator on the bucket lid, now there is suddenly a lot of space on the table. I was especially enraged by the extension cord hanging under my feet. Now everything is fine and neat, I am very pleased.

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Let me remind you that all this cost about 9-10 thousand rubles, inexpensive for calm nerves. I already wrote about the Nomad stand on the table. Also a good thing.

Thanks to BigGeek for helping with the gadgets. If you want the same selection as mine, call the guys.

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