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10 tweaks that make it worth jailbreak [video]

Despite the fact that Apple continues to improve iOS operating system, the number of users who do not wish to be linked to online catalog the App Store, not less. On the contrary, judging by the number of downloads of jailbreak TaiG iOS 8.3.

What attracts users in the jailbreak? First of all, the ability to fine-tune the OS and install tweaks, many of which are borrowed from Android. Let those who identify jailbreak with “androidiani iOS”: apparently, the way it is actually. But to condemn jailbreakers cannot user “hacking” your iPhone or iPad, simply do not want to buy the handset from the family of “phones”, but not willing to put up with “draconian” rules Apple.

The following ten tweaks for iOS 8.3 can be classified as a must have. For such extras users and decide to modify their iPhone and iPad by informal means.


The SwipeSelection tweak is an exact implementation of the concept designer Daniel Hooper and works on iPhone and iPad. The artist has developed a special technique of quick typing on iOS is a set of special gestures on top of the onscreen keyboard. If you move your finger over the virtual keys to the left moves the cursor, the movement of two fingers moves it faster. If you start a gesture with Shift or BackSpace, it will be allotted. In a similar way we edit the text on the desktop.


The idea of the developer Barrel – tweaks giving iOS home screen three-dimensional effects – is embodied in the form of a jailbreak-additions Cylinder. The add-in created by reed Vicharam, obviously huge potential. Cylinder changes the page turning effect with icons on one of the preset. To create a new animation will not need a Mac or Xcode – you can use any text editor. Keeping the code in the file, you need to give it a name and upload to the folder tweaks on the iPhone.


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The jailbreak tweak TypeStatus need avid users of branded messenger Apple. The novelty adds to the special screen notification when the subscriber iMessage on that side begins to type a message. The indicator appears in the top line iPhone.


TinyBar is intended to change the format of the “Apple” of the notices. If you are not delighted with the banners in iOS 8, for example, find them too bulky, then this add-on will be your solution. TinyBar tweak belongs to the category of decorative and performs one important function – allows you to reduce the size of the popup notification.


Alkaline is designed to replace the battery icon in the status bar of iOS 8. The app is very simple and yet offers a unique opportunity for customization of the user interface of iOS. Like other “unofficial” decorations for smartphones and tablets, Alkaline installed from Cydia. The main difference novelties from such developments is that it changes the elements of the interface without installing WinterBoard.

Apex 2

Apex 2 is the sequel to the original tweaks that offer a replacement to traditional folders in iOS. The utility allows you to group programs on iPhone home screen and open them with gestures “swipe up/down or double tap. When you use the gesture springborde appears some semblance of a cross with four cells for application icons. Clicking on the icons in the cells, you could add one installed on your device games or programs. The thus obtained groups can freely move on springboro, add folders, etc.

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NoSlowAnimations changes the speed of the interface of the operating system Apple. No extra settings to speed up rendering graphics on iPhone and iPad. What makes the addon at first glance might seem like overclocking. Actually utility only corrects the system parameter responsible for processing graphical functions. NoSlowAnimations increases the speed of the animation so that the iOS does not cause discomfort to users who don’t like fluidity in the interface of the operating system.


Slide2Kill8 adds a new action for the multitasking drawer. A simple gesture “swipe down” can be unloaded from memory.


Nominally present in iOS animated Wallpaper. Adding the iOS 7 section c multiple variations of dynamic background images, Apple did not expand the collection with the release of iOS 8 and did not provide users with the ability to use your own animation. Package Weatherboard solves this problem. The program contains a selection of animated Wallpapers with the weather, able to decorate the screens of smartphones and tablets. The application has two dozen spectacular options that you can use at their discretion.


Want to change the carrier name in the status bar of your iPhone to something more original? Popular tweak Zeppelin allows you to do this in just one touch. This is not the only jailbreak add-in, which can be used to customize the operator logo in iOS. However, this unique Supplement, the replacement text is the name of one of the original icons.

Top 10 unofficial apps for iOS 8.3 jailbreak:

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