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YotaPhone will work on Finnish Sailfish Android instead of American

The RF Ministry of communications, said the company Jolla is among the winners of the competition for the substitution of operating systems for mobile devices. Now the representatives of Finnish companies and Russian developers discuss how to adapt its Sailfish OS for YotaPhone.

In addition to the Finnish company in winning the contest of the Ministry of communications, the consortium includes the energy holding the ESN Grigory Berezkina, the developer AT the ESC and “Yandex”, “Vedomosti”. According to the publication, last week representatives Jolla met with the leadership of the Russian NTC dew and “Alt Linux”, as well as people from YotaDevices.

The meeting discussed how to Refine developed by Jolla Sailfish OS OS to be installed on YotaPhone. Currently YotaPhone first and second generations working on Android, developed by American Google.

Practically possible, the YotaPhone 2 running Sailfish already with the Russian Minister of communications Nikolai Nikiforov. According to him, the phone works normal, but still probably not ready to be sold in stores. The main problem is that Finnish OS does not yet support many of the hardware features of the Russian smartphone.

However, as noted by the official, in its current form phone with a new firmware, though, and works “normally”, but perhaps not ready to be sold in stores. The fact is that, although Sailfish and is able to run Android apps, the OS does not yet support many of the hardware features of the YotaPhone.

C Finnish Jolla and its partners in the competition for the substitution competed the project based on the developed Samsung Tizen OS. The cost of implementation was estimated 1.23 billion, 65% of which was to be taken out of the budget. However, the Ministry of communications preferred Finnish project, ocenivaushiy in 2,225 billion, 1.89 bn of which is requested from the budget. The arguments in favor of Sailfish – higher system security, and the presence of Russians among the shareholders Jolla.

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Obviously, the main purpose is the production-based YotaPhone and Sailfish secure smartphone for the Russian state authorities. The public sector employees and corporations may be interested in the operating system developed under the control of Russian companies. At the time, Infowatch experts Natalya Kasperskaya estimated the market for such devices in Russia in 1 million pieces. At the same time, as reported by the publication close to YotaDevices source, any agreements and transactions with Jolla Russian company yet.

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