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Review Philips wireless headphones SHB9250

When first considering Philips SHB9250 think that this is the case when get the most for your money. Pleasant experience not only when looking at the price tag, but after opening the box and discovering the device. Is this headset really has no cons? Let’s find out.

The package includes the headset, the cord for charging, a 3.5 mm audio cable, and documentation. The latter contains enough detailed instructions for syncing the headset with the device and control playback. Wire for charging — a standard microUSB connector. The audio cable will come in handy if the headset battery will be discharged. The length of this cable more than a meter from head to easy reach pocket of his jeans, moderately elastic.

When you take the headphones together, you know that before you qualitative thing. Headband is covered with soft faux leather, beneath which is hidden a metal plate. The adjusting mechanism is clearly. But the ear cups themselves are already upholstered in natural leather. It is not as soft as on the headband, but discomfort with prolonged wearing does not occur. Partly it is due to small weight of just 155 grams.

Buttons, connectors and all other component parts are well adjusted to each other, no hint of creak or unexpected backlash. From the outside of the left Cup is the surface with the NFC sensor for quick syncing the headset with devices that support this technology. Underneath is a 3.5 mm Jack for audio cable.

And right here everything is much more varied and interesting. This Cup is a connector microUSB for connecting the charger cord, power button, Bluetooth has been activated/equalizer, microphone and led indicator. On the functions of each button are all written in detail in the user guide, this focus will not. Touch only microphone that works well, for example, in a quiet room, but in a noisy place, alas, is affected by the distance of the microphone from the mouth of the user. The importance of this nuance is individually evaluated, but we would not quibble, given the overall impression SHB9250.

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Another important item on the right side of the touch panel to control playback. Some expressed that the headphones do not perceive gestures clearly. For example, when adjusting the volume with a vertical swipe or horizontal switching tracks headset evaluates the movement as simple touch, stopping the playback. But in fact, to avoid errors while performing gestures is easy: to fulfill their needs, starting from the edge of the touch pad. Get used to it quickly, and the number of movements is reduced to zero.

Small metal inserts are perfectly in tune with the color of the headphones. The black model color inserts reminiscent of “rose gold” from Apple. The device is suitable for users of any age and sex: a classic design, no rough and bulky items, a bit of metal and skin do their job.

The headset complies with the stated figures for battery life. They make up 300 hours of standby time and 16 hours of playback at high volume.

Other features of the model:

  • frequency range: 8 – 23 500 Hz;
  • maximum input power: 40 mW;
  • sensitivity: 106 dB;
  • the diameter of the radiator: 40 mm;
  • impedance: 32 Ohms.

To say that headphones are only suitable to listen certain types of music cannot. Efficiently and juicy tracks sound like the Scorpions and heavier composition, Device, Disturbed, Korn. With other genres is also okay. In the beginning, questions were caused only low frequencies, because when listening to them is not enough. But activating the EQ on the headphones and picking the appropriate preset in the settings, all was very well. Traveling in the metro showed that the headset will not be a champion isolation from external noise, but bad in that sense, they call the language does not turn.

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Philips SHB9250 – perhaps, one of the most versatile headphones that we had to deal with. At the official online store they are sold in 8 999 rubles. For the money the buyer receives juicy and high quality sound, great build, classic design, wired and wireless use. This device anyone can easily acquire as a gift. Sure that the owner SHB9250 get pleasure from using them.

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