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“Yandex.Money” has launched a payment via Apple Pay

The Users Of Yandex.Money became available to pay via Apple Pay. With the help of payment service Apple pay can be everywhere from iPhone and Apple Watch, and in addition quickly confirm purchases online.

To pay using Apple Pay, users need to add the Apple Wallet card Yandex.Money — plastic or virtual. This can be done via the Apple app Wallet or Yandex.Money for iOS. When paying with Yandex maps.Money funds will be debited from the electronic purse — they have a common balance. The virtual card is issued in just a few seconds. Plastic can be obtained in the company’s office or by mail. Just under the Yandex brand.Money issued over 500,000 plastic and about 11 million virtual cards.

“We try to make the new payment technology has been available to all people — regardless of cards which Bank they use. Via Yandex.Money anyone can pay through Apple Pay, even if he has no Bank card. Enough to start an e-wallet and to produce to him a virtual card. This can be done directly in the mobile application Yandex.Money — no need to go anywhere, stand in line to write a statement”, — said Alla Savchenko, Director of products at Yandex.Money.

Payments through Apple Pay are safe and secure. Card details are not stored on the user’s device, nor on Apple’s servers: instead, a device account is assigned a unique number, which is encrypted and stored in a special chip of this device called the Secure element.

In offline stores to pay for purchases using Apple Pay, you can SE iPhone, iPhone 6 and more new models and Apple Watch. To confirm the payment, enough to put a finger on Touch ID devices: any data type is not necessary. For online payments suitable for iPhone 6 and above, as well as the iPad Pro, Air 2, mini 3 and more new models. Payments are also available in Safari on any Mac older than 2012 with the release of macOS Sierra. In this case, confirm the payment with iPhone 6 and higher or Apple Watch.

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In the near future, Yandex.The money will start to accept payments through Apple Pay companies that use Yandex.Cash is a universal payment solution for business.

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