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First reviews of Samsung Galaxy S8: an impressive display but not a fingerprint scanner

At the end of last month at a presentation in new York, Samsung unveiled a new smartphone Samsung Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8+ “infinite screen”. This week in the network appeared the first reviews of foreign experts. Given that the South Korean flagship is a potential competitor to the iPhone 8, it is interesting to know the opinion of journalists about the news. MacDigger acquainted with estimates of Galaxy S8 foreign colleagues and shares observations.

Most of the reviews praised the “unlimited” smartphone display, which occupies more than 80% of the front panel. Devices with a 5.8 – or 6.2-inch screens are comfortable enough to use with one hand and carry in pocket.

Dan Seifert of The Verge noted that he became a fan of the new form factor that combines a widescreen display in a relatively compact package. According to him, the Super AMOLED display is bright and clear for use in Sunny weather. Seifert called the Galaxy S8 best smartphone of those that he saw.

Brian Cunning of TechCrunch noted that the Galaxy S8+ is placed in the pocket as conveniently as the iPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5-inch display. In addition, they are quite convenient to use with one hand.

The journalist of Business Insider’s Steve Kovach said that the Galaxy S8 received a large screen in a compact and appealing design than the iPhone 7 Plus. On the background of Apple’s flagship looks very unwieldy and even obsolete. According to the journalist, the novelty brings us to the perfect smart phone when the entire front panel will be display.

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Lance Ulanoff from Mashable pointed out that due to the unusual aspect ratio of 18.5:9 and curved edges of the panels Galaxy S8+ turned out a little longer, but it is quite compact.

According to Walt Mossberg, Samsung managed to change the rule that a larger display means a bulky body. To achieve this effect, the manufacturer had to abandon the physical Home button and move the fingerprint scanner on the rear panel, to the right of the camera. Many observers criticized the decision. Those who have already tested the smartphone, saying that such an arrangement, the biometric module is not convenient.

Nicole Nguyen from BuzzFeed News said that now every time you attempt to unlock the device she accidentally touches and stains the camera lens.

According to Dan Seifert, to reach the fingerprint scanner difficult even for a compact model of the flagship. So users will have to adapt to the new way of unlocking. In addition, the camera is too close to the sensor and has a similar shape, making them easy to confuse.

According to rumors, the iPhone 8 will also get the entire display in the front panel. Now Apple is working to integrate Touch ID into the screen. Sources report that the company has faced difficulties in the implementation of this technology. Perhaps Apple will have to move the fingerprint scanner on the back cover or to delay the release of jubilee’s flagship.

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