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Yandex has released a new version of the application “Yandex.Parking

Russian search engine has updated the application “Yandex.Parking for smartphones on iOS and Android. Software that shows on the map more than 6,000 municipal Parking areas, together with data on the cost and availability of places, now can remind you to stop the timer for Parking, the driver did not overpay. The developers also redid the add screen maps and fixed a bug where some users could not run the application.

With the application “Yandex.Parking drivers can look for a seat not on the street, and the smartphone app will show the nearest car Park and if the phone is set to “Yandex.Navigator, will pave the route. Pay Parking directly from the app — credit card, Yandex.Money”, from the user’s mobile telephone or urban Parking account. The updated app will remind you to stop the timer when you leave the Parking lot so you won’t accidentally paid for the extra time.

The app will warn in advance that paid time is about to end and offer to extend the term or to go back and pick up the car. At The Same Time “Yandex.Parking will remind you exactly where the car is. And if the driver left the Parking lot ahead of time, unspent funds returned to the Parking account.

Data on the cost of Parking, the application receives from the Department of transport, workload data from CCU ties between the two countries.

If the driver pays for Parking with a Parking account, the Commission is absent. In other cases, the amount of Commission depends on the chosen payment method. Payments app provides “Yandex.Cash” is a universal payment solution “Yandex.Money.”

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“Yandex.Parking run on smartphones running iOS and Android. You can download it in the App Store and Google Play.

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