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Yandex.Card learned to build Hiking trails

On warm days, especially nice to walk. In the morning I want to replace a trip to the transport with a walk and at night you can go to the Park or just wander around the streets. Yandex.Cards have learned to pave Hiking trails — in the mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as on the computer. No longer need to catch the locals to ask for directions, or to guess, where crossing a busy street.

The service can plan a walk around town to Orient in an unfamiliar area or take a short cut. For example, you can walk from Lenin to the Komsomol prospectus in Moscow, and from Peter and Paul fortress to the Solovetskii stone in St. Petersburg.

Specify how and where you need to get, and the Cards will pave the route, specify its length in kilometers. At the same time, you can check how much you will reach to your destination by car and by public transport, and select the fastest method of movement. The maximum length of a walking route, which can build Maps, is 50 km away. This amount is enough to go through the whole Moscow from the North to the South.

The routes for pedestrians are being built with courtyards, arches, stairs, bridges, and other pedestrian areas. The maps show the route length and predict how much time it might take for the road. The time is calculated from the average speed of the pedestrian.

To build Hiking trails Yandex’s map uses data. It makes people’s cartographers — active users of Yandex, which in detail paint the familiar areas, including the road grid, and immediately reflect changes on the map in the city (for example, the emergence of new “folk” trope). For each road indicates the access for pedestrians. Yandex cartographers check all changes, then they appear on Maps and included in constructing routes.

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To lay walking trails on the site and in Annex Yandex.Maps for iOS and Android. Pedestrian mode works in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

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