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Xiaomi unveiled an electric toothbrush Soocare X3 connecting with a smartphone and the price is $34

Electric toothbrushes came a long time ago (in 1954). But the smart electric toothbrush — a phenomenon quite young and for many exotic. Before last year, the company Oral-B has launched a model called the Smart Series. Premium device interfaced with a smartphone and gives the owner a variety of tips on cleaning the teeth, based on the accelerometer data and the gyroscope. Last month, Philips presented a “smart” toothbrush FlexCare Sonicare cost almost $200. Company Xiaomi once again has demonstrated dumping, providing a model several times cheaper than the competition.


As in many similar cases, a new product is not a product of Xiaomi, but will move by the Chinese giant. Called device Soocare X3 and this electric toothbrush. Of course, not just a brush but with the possibility of interfacing with a mobile device via Bluetooth. The heart of the model is usual in such devices, the generator of sound vibrations by which the brush head vibrates at a frequency of 37 200 oscillations per minute.

Have Soocare X3 bristles production DuPont with thickness of 0.152 mm. hairs Also reported protection from water standard IPx7, and the battery capacity of 1000 mAh, which should be enough for 25 days (16 hours of continuous operation). The smartphone app can display charge level, and to collect basic statistics including duration and quality of cleaning teeth.

The cost of “smart” toothbrush Xiaomi Soocare X3 is only $ 34.

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