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The smartphone from Huawei has overtaken iPhone SE and became the most sold in Russia. How come and what does it mean?

Paul Gorodnitsky – about the controversial Chinese leadership of the gadget.

July 12 seems to be the authoritative edition of “Vedomosti” published the news that in may 2018 the smartphone Huawei Honor 9 Lite has become the most popular in Russia. It gained 3.1 percent of customers, on the second place – the Galaxy J1 (2,9%), the third – iPhone SE (2.8 percent).

The source of that remarkable research “materials partner of several manufacturers of electronics” (verbatim quote). In addition, sales information confirmed Dagmar Ivanova, who now steers the combined “Connected” and “Euroset”.

To understand the news on the website “Vedomosti” looks like this:

“The device from iPhone” – a very solid explanation. Confused iPhone and Apple was embarrassed even in 2008 not to mention 2018. But “Vedomosti” do not know about.

But, okay, stop nitpicking. Go ahead.

What’s wrong with the most popular smartphone?

Huawei Honor Lite 9 – typical Chinese public sector. He of 5.65-inch screen (technically frameless, but noticeable), funny dual camera (13+2 megapixel) Asian processor, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB built-in and battery on 3000 mAh.

Oh, and two logo – front and back. And, of course, the outdated microUSB.

In short, Honor 9 Lite – nevedusia device. Reviews he is also different – there are the enthusiastic, there are those who are forced to quickly close the tab with this gadget.

All as always.


The official price of Honor 9 Lite – 15 thousand rubles. And this is the most important fact in all of pseudorelevance “Vedomosti”. It is obvious that the popularity of the Chinese unit is based solely on the fact that in the offline world it is sold over the psychologically comfortable for the average Russian money. 15 thousand – the amount that can be every 2-3 years to spend on the phone. People do, for 15 thousand from authorized retailers and really there is hardly something better.

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The theory about the origin of the insider “Statements” reinforce the second and third places. Take, for example, the Galaxy J1. The “white” sellers” it costs 7 thousand, in spite of (get ready) screen resolution of 800×480 (what year is it?!), megapixel main camera, 1 GB of RAM and a battery of 2050 mAh. Of course, any Redmi ushataet Galaxy J1 in all respects.

With iPhone SE also basic layout. Consumers need the most affordable Apple device – they take him.

Like all really?

Most likely, Honor 9 Lite really popular, but only among those who come into electronics stores, not knowing what the megapixels differ from the milliamps. The statistics are not entirely correct and not at all revealing.

On the one hand, to seize “gray market” is naive. On the other – it is impossible to calculate that there was napalitano gadgets from AliExpress and that naprodavali “gray” point. But in such cases there is “Yandex.Market”, which clearly shows: sales (that’s the “Market”) and in General finding the main smartphone in the country today – the Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus.

There is a 6-inch FullHD-screen, battery 4000 mAh, 4 GB of RAM, the processor from Qualcomm and a price in the 9-11 thousand depending on version (of course, the “serovatov”).

Officially Redmi 5 Plus is already 17 thousand – that is why offline buyers, whose limit is at the level of 15 thousand, simply do not reach the learning model from Xiaomi. However, online demand for 5 Plus phenomenal – he has no competitors in the smartphone segment for ≈10-11 thousand.

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So wait: when Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus will drop to 15 thousand in the “Connected” and “Euroset”, “statement” write about this gadget.

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