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Why I hate Facebook

I like the content that I publish are my friends on Facebook. But every time I open the application starts torture, after which I make a decision in the next week definitely not to go to Facebook.

The development of Facebook I have been following for a long time. Still, it’s a large company and ignoring it will not work. The last two years I tried to teach myself to use Facebook along with Twitter and Instagram. But I never did. The reason some of the problems that constantly remind about themselves.


I would like to start with design, because that’s the first thing the user sees when the application opens. To design a mobile app I have no complaints. It looks modern and constantly evolving.

The most negative I have is the web version of Facebook. It is clear that the majority comes to the social network through smartphones, but that’s no reason to leave a web version like this.

When I’m at the computer, I hardly touch the phone. Through the computer I listen to music, respond to messages in Telegram and Facebook, scroll through Twitter, Instagram sometimes open, therefore the presence of a normal web version of any service is a major criterion for me. Facebook does not want to open in browser. Sure, if the company presented a normal redesign, the number of users of the web version increased.

Smart (no) tape

About the shortcomings of intelligent tape Facebook. The company is constantly changing the algorithms, giving priority to the posts of friends, then write communities, and then Vice versa. Lately in my feed seem recording, which was posted a few days ago, so some people have to use the function “Show priority”.

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In “Vkontakte” received correctly, when allowed users to choose which ribbon to use as the default. In Facebook there is no such option, but you can go to the temporary tape. However, until you find this button, do not want to read anything.

Advertising and espionage

I’m not against advertising, but I don’t like two things. First, it very much. Secondly, it is very accurate. In Facebook and Instagram the best targeting, compared to Google, “Yandex”, “Vkontakte” and Twitter. I always show those ads that really interest me.

This is a serious problem, because to achieve such accuracy, it is necessary to gather a lot of data. Facebook monitors every click on the Internet. This is stated in the report that was provided to Congress. The company knows about my purchases in online stores which apps are installed on the smartphone and with whom I talk on the phone.

There is also a hypothesis that Facebook can drive the microphone on your smartphone and activate it when the screen open another application. To confirm it yet no one but Facebook denies all charges.

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