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Multiplayer online strategy game, Stronghold Kingdoms will be released on iPad

First multiplayer online game from Firefly Studios, available on Windows and Mac, will be released on Apple’s mobile devices. The announcement appeared in the official blog of the Studio.

Stronghold Kingdoms for iPad will be released in original form, but will receive a special control circuit, adapted for touch screens. It will support cross-platform multiplayer, meaning players on computers can fight.

In Stronghold Kingdoms, the player acts as the Lord, who is engaged in the development of the village erects a castle for protection and fighting. The main resource is not gold, food or gems with wood, and level of popularity. Popularity has quite a numerical display in the game, the setting is called “honor”. He grew continuously, it is necessary to feed the people with bread, not to be greedy on the spectacle and not to increase tax rates.

The main know-how Stronghold Kingdoms is a global map. Village players — only a tiny dot on the map, and around are possessions of thousands of other players. Gamers can trade with other villages or to Rob them, maybe even cut someone else’s village to the ground.

“Every feudal Lord can expand their own Empire, to specialize farmer, trader, diplomat or warlord, resorting to using the in-game tree technologies. Each lock the player can be captured in real time, and each village can be robbed,” says Firefly Studios.

The exact date of release of Stronghold Kingdoms on iPad is not yet known. In anticipation of the release while you can register on the official website and try out the version of the game for PC.

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