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World premiere Opera about the life of Steve jobs will be held in June

The life of Apple founder Steve jobs has inspired artists for the creation of documentaries, books and movies. Now famous computer gurus are going to dedicate the Opera.

In July this year, the new Mexico premiere of the Opera The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs, dedicated to the legendary entrepreneur. As the Director of theatre Santa Fe Opera, in spite of all the technological effectiveness of production, it will be “Opera is not just about technology, but a story about relationships, human weaknesses, and how complicated was Steve jobs”.

Life story of Steve jobs, a determined revolutionary in the field of technology, addicted to Buddhism and vegetarianism, devoted a lot of documentaries and books. After the death of jobs in 2011 also came a feature film and graphic novel. But Opera on this set for the first time.

According to Charles McKay, General Director of Santa Fe Opera, Steve jobs was “in some degree heroic and tragic character” — and this is the image in the operas popular here for many centuries. In addition, McKay believes that the figure of Steve jobs will help to attract the attention of a younger audience to the Opera.

Edward Parkes, the role of Steve jobs

The musical aspect of the Opera is a mixture of a live orchestra, guitar accompaniment and electronics, marks RB. According to the authors, this music is perfect for the history of the life of the person who won fame during the computer revolution.

Together with librettist mark Campbell Bates created an Opera, which tells about how to develop the personality of Steve jobs through the prism of his relationship with the five most important people: his wife Lauryn, a close friend of Steve Wozniak, ex-girlfriend, Christine Ann, spiritual Advisor Kaboom and father Paul.

The action of the Opera begins with a scene in which the father of a ten-year jobs shows Steve work bench and says that it is possible to disassemble any thing to see how it worked. The scene is replaced by a passage from the speech of Steve jobs 2007 during the presentation of the “one device that can do everything” (talking about iPhone).

By the way, in the Opera there is not a single Apple device. They can not see the pictures or theatrical props. Moreover, for the entire show never says their names.

Opera was created with financial support of the theaters in Seattle and San Francisco. If the audience goes to the show the performance will go on tour to the United States or even around the world.

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