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Telegram launched voice calls version of messenger for Mac and Windows

The messenger Telegram has released an update that allows you to call other users of the app in versions for desktop operating systems. This is stated in the message that users receive updated official client.

Telegram Desktop calls available in version 1.1, the application for macOS in version 2.98.

“Calls in the Telegram is now available on desktop computers: safe, crystal clear, constantly improving artificial intelligence,” reads the description of the update.

On may 10, the voice calls became available in the alpha version of Telegram Desktop. In the final version of the app can call another user you can view information about recent calls, they are displayed in a special tab which you can access from the main menu. Also includes privacy settings for calls.

During a call, information about the call is shown in the upper panel of Telegram. To see emojis that are necessary to test the operation of encryption of instant messenger, click on the handset symbol next to the search button during a call.

Also in the new version of Telegram for Mac and Windows were added to the panel with Emoji, stickers and gifs, which is displayed when you open Windows messenger on full screen. You can close it by clicking on the symbol in the Emoji panel.

Download Telegram Desktop for Mac and Windows are available on the developers website.

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