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5 reasons why you should buy a new Mac right now

Any Mac user obviously, the PC is newer, so it is faster. It is this trying to convey the idea the authors of the study, the purpose of which is to attempt to convince users of the need to buy a new computer. Although the studies were conducted with Microsoft employees set out by the company theses are relevant for Mac owners.

1. The opportunity to install the latest firmware

According to the study, the average age of home computers exceeds three years and that these computers are loaded on 65% slower in comparison with the most modern. The age suggests that a significant part of them are sold still on the old version of the OS, and the hardware characteristics of some of them do not allow you to install the latest version of macOS Sierra.

2. High performance

65% of owners bought from 5 to 10 years ago devices admitted that the errors causes them to hit on computers or to yell at them, but some users go even further. 6% of computer owners related troubles brought to tears, and someone from the disorder even starts drinking alcohol.

3. Fast download

According to the study, older computers per year to spend on downloading 23.5 hours, so users annually lose on average about a day looking at the monitor on the process of loading the desktop. It is also alleged that owners of older computers spend 3.5 times more time on solving systemic problems compared to owners of new computers. These problems can be caused by both hardware and software errors and faults, malicious applications, etc.

4. New opportunities

Most of the owners of old computers, according to researchers, do not know about the benefits of switching to a modern model. 42% of the respondents say the inability to control your computer with voice commands that actually can be done in Sierra macOS and Windows 10.

5. Quality Retina display

In the latest generation Mac Apple switched to the improved Retina displays. Updated panels have a wider color gamut, so the colors on the screen look even brighter and more realistic. Standard screens with color space sRGB displays significantly fewer colors in comparison with reality. The new Retina display provides a wider color gamut P3 color space is 25% wider, and with a large number of colors in an image appear brighter, more realistic and allow to examine even more details.

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