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With the Lockout app for Apple Watch you will never lose your iPhone

Smartphones are firmly entrenched in our lives, becoming our main communication tool, Internet access, navigation and much more. Therefore, there is nothing more annoying than forgetting your phone at home, going to work or school. Fortunately for owners of Apple Watch, with the app Lockout “smart” watches can notify them about the lack of the iPhone.

The program is very useful and solves several problems at once. First, the Lockout can protect against data loss, physical loss and other problems not only iPhone but also iPad, iPod Touch and Apple Watch for yourself.

The application allows you to configure supply notifications on the watch when you exit the synchronized iPhone out of range of Bluetooth. In that case, if the warning is ignored, the program will celebrate with a GPS point on the map where your smartphone was at the last moment.

The application came from the developers at the hackathon among the staff of Lookout. Among other features of the app include measurement of distance up to the iPhone in real time, and configure notifications in the event of a loss of pairing the smartphone and hours, when both of the gadget remains connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

The Lookout app is free and works with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on iOS 8.0 or later and Apple Watch watchOS 2.0. The interface is completely Russified.

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