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Apple Watch is more popular than the first iPhone in 2007

According to the latest figures, the first “smart” watches Apple is far more popular than the original iPhone, released in 2007. This is stated in the report of the research company Morgan Stanley.

According to analysts, demand for Apple Watch is 20% higher than the demand for the first generation iPhone after its release. The report reveals that now the buying activity has stabilized and stabilized at a higher level than in the case of the first Apple smartphone almost 8 years ago.

The study also shows that immediately after the release of the Apple Watch demand for wearable computer was less than half of the demand for the iPhone in 2007, but it then increased significantly. “Customer interest in smart watches was twice lower than the original iPhone after its appearance. However, in contrast to the interest in the demand for iPhone Apple Watch is almost not decreased with time. Like the first iPhone, Apple Watch is distributed in limited quantities, but “smart” watches have faced much greater difficulties in the organization of the supply chain.

In the report there is another interesting detail: while interest in the future of the iPhone 6s is growing, analysts believe that sales of next-gen smartphone could not reach to the level of sales of the iPhone 6.

“While we expect a slowdown of iPhone sales in the fiscal year 2015, and developers and users will need time to find a convincing use cases Apple Watch, our surveys show that the demand for both products in the first half was higher than expected”.

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Tim cook has previously expressed confidence in the success of smart watches Apple Watch. In this there is no doubt, looking at the interest of developers to wearable computer from Apple, said the CEO. In recent months, developers have created several thousand applications for Apple Watch.

Tim cook in an interview compared the launch of the Apple Watch with the start of sales of other new products Apple. When in April 2010 debuted the iPad, the tablet was offered 1 000 applications, and when in July 2008 the world saw the very first iPhone, it was prepared only 500 programs, he said. Cook believes that this is a good sign, testifying to the popularity of the Apple Watch.

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