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Wireless docking station DoBox: Swiss army knife among gadget user Apple [video]

The company This is DoBox has developed a wireless dock Wireless Dock designed for owners of mobile devices and Apple computers. The new product allows you to connect to any device running iOS external hard drives, monitors, trackpads, computer mice, and even printers.

DoBox station designed for gadgets “Apple” company – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac – and uses Wi-Fi technology to remotely connect to the device various peripherals. This docking station has two USB ports, HDMI, HDHC-a connector for memory cards, standard audio Jack for data transfer via AirPlay. In addition, there are micro-USB and an Ethernet network port.

At DoBox has its own battery that provides several hours of work in offline mode. If necessary, the gadget can be used as external battery for mobile devices. Charge your iPhone and iPad is offered via the standard USB port, and the Apple Watch with built-in wireless dock. The latter is located in the center of the lid device.

Versatile solution lets you use HDMI to connect devices to Apple TVs and monitors. Thus it is possible to transfer the picture from your iPhone or iPad to an external screen. Declared support for AirPlay, that is, the product can act as a wireless receiver for streaming music to external speakers.

The new product not only supports the wireless connection of USB drives and memory cards, but she is the storage device capacity of 32 GB. In the presence of an Ethernet connection, the device turns into a wireless router.

Currently, the project DoBox has successfully completed a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. The authors have collected £ 60,000 they need to start production. The first customers will get new for the price of $ 149.

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