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Opinion: Apple iPhone 8 violates own rules

The network appears more and more evidence that the iPhone 8 will be released in a few months familiar pose of the beginning of sales of new smartphones Apple. It speaks of a different approach to anniversary the flagship. This year, perhaps Apple will break not one, but two own rules.

First, the manufacturer always avoided first to adopt new technologies. Usually Apple waited, watching the trial and errors of other companies. Then she found the best use and implement technology in their own products.

In the company’s history there are many examples. The first portable media player was invented in 1979, and the first mp3 player went on sale in 1998. Apple also released the iPod in 2001. The first smartphones appeared on the market in the mid-1990s, but the iPhone debuted more than ten years. For the first time a fingerprint scanner has been used in your Motorola Atrix phone in 2011, but “Apple” the manufacturer added it in the iPhone 5s just two years later.

Second, Apple always everything is carefully thought out and planned. She’s not keen on new ideas until convinced of the possibility of mass production.

When the first rumors about the delay of the anniversary of the company’s flagship, many users do not believe it. Apple released the device in accordance with the traditional schedule. But, it seems that this time the company can do differently.

Apple violates both their rules. Rumored to delay the iPhone 8 might be caused by the integration of the fingerprint scanner in the smartphone display. The fact that this brand new technology, the implementation of which requires a lot of effort. Analysts from KGI Securities believe that the delay may also be related to other components of the motherboard, in particular an OLED display, a 10-nm chip Apple A11, redesigned 3D Touch module and the “revolutionary” front-facing camera.

If the iPhone 8 will be delayed for two months, then the manufacturer can skip a whole financial quarter. This will lead to loss of revenue and a drop in Apple shares. Someone can not wait for the release of “eight” and start looking for a replacement among Android devices.

If the flagship of the jubilee will meet the expectations, it will be the largest update in the history of Apple and confirm her title of innovator.

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