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Samsung is preparing its own analogue wireless headphone for Apple iPhone 7 features.

Starting with model iPhone 7 smartphones Apple will not support standard headphones with a 3.5 mm audio Jack: the company is preparing the industry to a new reality with digital sound and wireless devices. Rumors say that the company is going to offer users a proprietary model of in-ear headphones, between which there is no wired connection. Samsung did not wait for the release of iPhone 7 with a new headset and ready to offer a similar accessory before Apple.

Absolutely new device will be called Samsung Gear IconX. We are talking about wireless headphones that are equipped with 4 GB of flash memory, which allows them to act as a standalone player. Moreover, they can also serve as an activity tracker. Apparently, there is a question about the ability of headphones to determine the heart rate.

Samsung Gear IconX enclosed in a dustproof and waterproof design that makes the gadget suitable for outdoor activities. Touch control device implemented on the basis of Gear Circle. Informants did not mention the approximate value of the Gear IconX and release dates of the device.

As for Apple earphone, it is known that they lack not only wires, but connectors for charging. To charge the device will need a wireless connection. The headphones will be equipped with a miniature case, which in combination is a portable charging station. The battery life of the headphones will be slightly more than 4 hours, and station-keys will allow you to fully charge each earpiece a few times.

New Apple earphones will go on sale this fall along with the iPhone 7, but the value is not yet known.

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