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Wireless adapter iGap will solve the problem of lack of audio Jack in the iPhone 7

3.5 mm audio Jack iPhone 7 is no longer needed, since, according to numerous online sources, decided to Apple. Last year wrote about this blog Mac Otakara newspaper and Fast Company. Existing models of the iPhone already support audio output through the Lightning interface, on the market there are several models of headphones with this feature. The model that will come bundled with the iPhone 7 will get a Lightning connector instead of the 3.5 mm to the millions of users who prefer third-party headphones with a higher sound quality, you have to spend money on adapters, external preamps with Lightning support or use a wireless connection.

Designer named Shin Nelson offered an interesting solution to the lack of audio out the iPhone 7. His idea is to create a small multimedia adapter to transfer sound from your smartphone on headphones, which works over a Bluetooth wireless connection. The conceptual device called iGap. The user does not have to abandon his usual headset with a 3.5 mm audio Jack – compact audio Converter equipped with an input for standard headphones.

“Apple won’t give you (not required) adapter with 3.5 mm audio Jack for Lightning. And not because he wants to get you an extra $29. Although she definitely will not refuse the extra money, the cost of its accessories easily dissuaded from buying any. In the case of iPhone 7 you will either have to maintain the Apple vision of the future, or to pay to stay in the past. It’s nothing personal,” writes the author of the concept.

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Wireless adapter made in the form of washers white, reminiscent of the contact pad for wireless charging Apple Watch. The device has two connectors – the 3.5 mm and Lightning to recharge the internal battery that ensures operation in offline mode. The device can be attached using clips to the pants pocket or suit: it is sufficient to connect earphones to the device and you can listen to music from iPhone via Bluetooth.

The idea is quite interesting, both from the point of view of design and functionality. For many people this would be the only way to use headphones with the usual 3.5 mm audio Jack with the iPhone 7. The disadvantage of the solution is that data transfer happens via Bluetooth, which is unlikely to please lovers of quality sound.

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