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Apple is looking for new designer of watch faces for Apple Watch

Apple Watch is primarily a high-precision chronometer. The device can do everything that needs to be able to watch. The dials of the device is shown in a wide range, and each of them deeply and thoroughly adjusted to all tastes and preferences. The display can display a clock, weather, sunrise and sunset, change the color, detailing minutes, seconds and milliseconds.

Study the job listing on Apple’s website was the source of the version about the appearance in future versions of watchOS new set of watch faces for the Apple Watch. Tuesday was the opening designer at the team brand watches. The specialist will create new dials, widgets and screensavers Apple Watch.

Applicants require a minimum of three years of work in the field of software development, knowledge of Cocoa and Objective-C, familiarity with C/C++, as well as attention to detail.

Initially, users of the Apple Watch was not able to set your own photo as a background image on the clock. In the 2.0 update watchOS this injustice eliminated. However, the selection of options is quite wide. There is a device owner there are 13 different versions: Chronograph, Color, Modular, Utility, Mickey mouse, X-Large, Motion, sundial, Astronomy, and others.

Apple has carefully developed each screen saver. Thanks to dial “Movement” you can check the time displayed on the background of flying butterflies, floating jellyfish and flowers drop. One of the flowers for the Apple Watch has been photographed more than 24 000 times for 285 hours (11.8 hours). Thus it turns out the animation drop-down Bud. In order to remove the movement of jellyfish, the Apple Studio was installed the aquarium in which it was shot on a Phantom camera at a speed of 300 frames per second.

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In the autumn of last year, the list of dials is supplemented with a new set of three exclusive headpieces for the collection Hermes Apple Watch.

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