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The most expensive iPhone 7 fell below the psychological mark of

Apple products are becoming more accessible due to strengthening of the ruble: first, the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, then, then the Apple Watch, and now for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Sales of the flagship smartphone launched in Russia in September. Six months later, the price of the top model iPhone 7 fell below the psychological mark.

Now Russian customers can buy the flagship Apple for a very reasonable price. Hi Tech Mail analysts recorded the decrease in the cost of a smartphone: the iPhone 7 in the maximum configuration for the first time fell below 50 000.

The official price of iPhone 7 with 256 GB of memory in the Apple online store is still 68 990 rubles. However, the retailers offer the device in the basic configuration, much cheaper. Low price “Apple” model is now 49 000.

A number of shops from among the most affordable state PCT certification/EAC for this position — the retailers say smartphones official. However, it is recommended to check before purchasing the certificates in order not to void your warranty from the manufacturer.

The Apple smartphone release of 2015, the iPhone 6s also originally cost in Russia 56 990 rubles for the basic modification. During the year the price of the device decreased by 36%.

Note that in January, Apple has reduced the cost of the equipment in Russia on the background of strengthening of the ruble. Prices for iPhones and iPads dropped by 5-10% depending on models. Now the iPhone 7 can be purchased for 52 990 rubles. (instead of 56 990 rubles), and the official price of the iPhone 7 Plus is 62 990 rubles.

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