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Wikipedia founder invited Apple to stop selling iPhone in UK in the case of a law against encryption

Apple should stop selling iPhones in the UK if the government will pass a law prohibiting encryption of mobile devices. This statement was made by Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.

As you know, the British authorities are seriously concerned that are not able to gain full access to information on the iPhone and iPad, as it is encrypted. In particular, intelligence agencies have problems with interception of iMessage and FaceTime. On Wednesday, the British Parliament will consider a bill that threatened the prohibition of sales of smartphones and tablets is considered the providing manufacturer access keys to the devices.

Jimmy Wales, launched in 2011, the online encyclopedia, the British called the bill “stupid”. “I’d like to see how Apple stops selling the iPhone in Britain after the government decides to ban end-to-end encryption – the developer wrote in his microblog on Twitter. – Does the Parliament would be so stupid?”

Apple has made changes to data encryption system with the release of iOS 8 last year, allowing access to user information receives only the owner of the gadget. The Corporation has previously kept the encryption keys that allowed them to unlock the gadgets at the request of law enforcement, but in the case of “eight” and newer OS versions do not.

On the eve of the interior Minister Theresa may said that the government would try its best to achieve the extension of the powers of secret services in the case of conducting surveillance of suspects in the Network. The bill will mean a probable ban in the UK sales of the iPhone and iPad, as well as popular services for messaging, like WhatsApp and Snapchat.

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