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Greenpeace awarded Apple a good rating in the “Rating green electronics”

Greenpeace published a “Rating green electronics”, which were 17 the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. Experts have studied how Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other brands reduce their impact on the environment. Companies were evaluated in three areas: energy use, resource consumption and the use of chemical substances in products and manufacturing.

In the new version of the company’s rating ranked from A to F, where A is best, F is worst.

Apple is the only company that has committed itself to transfer the entire supply chain to 100% renewable energy.

The parameter “Energy” that evaluates the use of renewable energy sources and the impact of our activities on climate change, Apple received the highest grade with a minus. In the column “Resources”, which is determined by the design of the device with possible subsequent repairs and upgrades, the Cupertino-based company earned a ball equivalent to the mark “3” on a five-point scale. And finally in “Chemicals”, which assesses the emissions of harmful and toxic substances during production, Apple was awarded the rating of “good”. The total valuation of the company according to the overall “good”.

Prior to this Apple for three consecutive years to become the leader of this rating. This year the palm was intercepted by the Dutch smartphone -Fairphone.

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