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Apple received a patent for a smartphone with a rounded display

Bureau of patents and trademark office gave Apple a patent for electronic devices with convex displays. The document suggests the use of curved screens in smartphones, iPods, smart watches and other mobile gadgets.

Patent number 9178970 is called “Electronic devices with convex displays” (Electronic devices with convex displays ). He was registered on 15 July 2011 and issued on 3 November 2015. In the description of the patent States that the use of a convex screen will not only make gadgets more ergonomic, but also will allow the increase of the internal volume.

To form a convex display in Apple’s offer of “one or more flexible layers”. This flexible screen can be attached to a rigid Foundation or have a hard protective coating. As an example, a flexible display, which can give a convex shape, the authors of the patent referred to as OLED display panel.

Among the products that can be equipped with a convex display, the inventors referred to as mobile phones, tablets, iPods, watches and other wearable and miniature electronic devices.

In Apple believe that the products of such forms can replace smartphones and tablets traditional form factor. This design allows to reduce the size of the gadget, without losing space for display.

Theme iPhone with a curved display panels has long occupied the minds of Apple engineers. Last year the company registered the patent of “Electronic device with a collapsible display” that describes the iPhone, consisting of a glass base around which is wrapped a flexible AMOLED-display.

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