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Why Snape made on iOS look better

Many users have probably noticed that Snapchat images sent from an Android smartphone, look worse than sent from iPhone.

There’s an explanation and it has nothing to do with the quality or specification of the equipment. In fact, there is nothing to do even with the hardware or the operating system Android, the problem is in the application. That is, users can blame myself Snapchat.

Android vs iOS

For the stable operation of its products Apple produces both the software and hardware components. In 2007 there were 18 different models of iPhone. Thanks to developers of iOS applications need to support a small number of devices.

With Android smartphones much more complicated. There are dozens of manufacturers that produce hundreds of different device models. And they all work on different hardware, have different screen sizes, and often work on different versions of the operating system.

Why snappy on Android look worse

To take a photo in Snapchat, the iOS devices actually use the camera, which allows to obtain a high quality image. But Snapchat on the Android only makes screen capture.

Method by using screenshots I saved the Snapchat developers from having to consider each unique Android device. It’s a simple outlet for the company, even though it leads to an objective deterioration in the quality of images in the application.

Of course, some flagship Android smartphones like the Google Pixel 2 XL, for the creation of videos and images directly use the camera. But the vast majority of Android devices have to wait until the developers will solve this problem.

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