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AliveCor Mobile ECG: how to perform an ECG using an iPhone

Over the past few years, the wearable electronics market is literally flooded with all sorts of fitness trackers and heart rate monitors that can sync the heart rate with a smartphone. But what if conventional heart rate monitor is small and needed more detailed data on the activity of the heart — especially if there are problems? After all, the same Apple Watch is unlikely to tell about its owner, say, atrial fibrillation.

An interesting solution is offered by the company AliveCor. Experts have proposed a simple and innovative device to record ECG and diagnosis directly to your iPhone or Android device in just 30 seconds. Emerging in the mind of reader skepticism is likely to be dispelled by the fact that AliveCor Mobile ECG is clinically tested and approved for food and drug administration (FDA) and has been certified in the European Union. In addition, he has received numerous positive reviews from experts.

It is important to note that in a medical facility during the ECG recording, typically used 12 leads, and in this sense, single-channel Mobile ECG AliveCor, of course, does not replace a doctor. And however it be helpful. But everything in order.

AliveCor Mobile ECG has been on the market for the first year. IXbt experts reviewed the latest, third generation of the gadget has become cheaper and more compact than previous models. This gadget can simply be attached to the back of the smartphone, iPod Touch or tablet, but in the form factor of the cover for the smartphone; this costs $10 more — $85 vs. $75. The case can always be bought separately. In any case, the user does not burden himself by carrying an additional gadget on your wrist or in your pocket, or on the chest.

AliveCor Mobile ECG comes in a small and nice looking box, in which nothing is superfluous. In this case, have the unit itself plus the case of rough plastic. Manual included for some reason showed up (that’s really really — nothing more), but it’s there in the app and on the website.

On the front side of the AliveCor Mobile ECG is a pair of large electrodes, which, in fact, responsible for monitoring cardiac activity. Information is not transmitted via Bluetooth, and by means of ultrasonic waves, which are captured by the microphone of the smartphone. This option greatly simplifies the use of the device, not to mention the efficiency of this solution. According to the manufacturer, the battery size CR2016, on average, holds a charge for 2 years. This is the usual removable lithium battery, which feed on many watches.

So, we put the cover on an old but reliable iPhone 5 and go to the App Store. And then we get a nasty surprise. Program AliveCor is available only for accounts from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, India and Australia. However, it is easy to create a U.S. account in addition to Russian and use them on your smartphone at the same time. After downloading the program we will be asked to register, enter your information (gender, age, weight and height, physical activity and other) and make the test the electrocardiogram machine to be checked by a qualified doctor — and free right in the app. Its analysis will allow AliveCor to be more accurate in the future. Wait for the result have a few hours or even a day, and during that period to use the application will not work. However, after that the need for such checks is eliminated, and Alivecor does the job in seconds. In terms of content analysis, made, by the way, partner AliveCor, the company CompuMed, it looks like this:

To an EKG, you just need to run the program and cause the device to landscape orientation (Home button should be on the right), leaning against the electrode fingers of both hands. All. Even the press does not need anything. There are also alternative options location Mobile ECG: a smartphone can be leaned against the chest or put on his left knee. The program will start to remove the data, after which immediately will give a brief conclusion. It is possible to manually add symptoms (anxiety, insomnia dizziness, etc.), a recent activity or a small note.

All this information can be sent to a certified check in U.S. cardiologist — again, directly via the app. Only this time will have to pay. For $12 ECG check doctor of medicine with experience at least 12 years old, and even write recommendations. If you pay $5, data is sent to the laboratory doctor, who will give a preliminary assessment of the state without a recommendation, but it will do its work within 30 minutes (or within 24 hours if the fork is only $2). Of course, you have the option to print an ECG, send it by mail to your doctor or save in PDF format. All ECGs are stored in a list in the section “Journal”. The program can store the data of several people. For this purpose, after removal of the ECG need only to specify exactly who did it — registered in the application “patient” or someone else.

AliveCor Mobile ECG, of course, will not replace the doctor — and this, warns the company, but will greatly simplify life for those who have heart problems. People far from medicine, the companion app in simple words (but in English) will explain that their heart is not, as well as notify you if you need to urgently consult a doctor. In addition, all written data anyway you can show your cardiologist so that he had the ability to track the patient’s condition.

Overall AliveСor Mobile ECG left the impression of an innovative and truly useful gadget that, among other things, is outrageously simple to use. It is not surprising that for many people it has become an indispensable accessory in everyday life. AliveCor Mobile ECG officially in Russia is not for sale, but nobody forbids to order it on ebay. Let me remind you that the gadget manufacturer is estimated at $75.

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