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Why iPhone 4 don’t need 8 GB of RAM

According to analysts TrendForce, by the end of this year, the average amount of RAM in smartphones will amount to 3.2 GB. Moreover, as reported, the amount of RAM in the iPhone 8 will be limited to 3 GB. And 4 GB smartphones Apple will go on before 2018-th year. In the network there are arguments about the RAM in Apple’s mobile devices. How to increase RAM in iPhone 8?

It is no secret that Android manufacturers continuously strive to increase the number of new RAM models. If in 2016 the average amount of RAM in smartphones was only 2.4 GB, then in 2017 will amount to 3.2 GB. Thus over-year growth of memory capacity will amount to 33.4 percent.

Unlike quite conservative in terms of improving hardware performance Apple, manufacturers of Android-based smartphones do not skimp on equipping their models with memory modules of a solid volume — at the moment not a problem to find a model with a memory of 6 GB and above.

In the end, the growth rate of the RAM of Android smartphones exceeded the growth in the segments of computers. Experts believe that this is directly related to the fact that the mobile platform Google is very picky about the amount of RAM available, responding to the insufficient amount of RAM the slowdown of the interface and the software.

Apple never reveals information about the amount of RAM in the iPhone and iPad, forcing the curious to investigate it yourself, for example by resorting to the awarding of software surveys and even x-ray x-raying the device. In the end it turned out that the RAM on the iPhone 7 is 2 GB, and the iPhone 7 Plus is 3 GB.

Many users puzzled by the question of a relatively small amount of memory in the iPhone 7, given that the top Android smartphones get 4 or even 6 GB chips. Competing smartphones and tablets can offer more RAM, however, this superiority does not mean greater ease of interaction with the mobile device.

Confirmation of this came, ironically, from Microsoft. Vice-President of the company responsible for developing and marketing OS, announced in his blog why the exploitation of a smaller amount of RAM is very important. The truth is that minimizing memory usage on portable platforms such as smartphones are able to extend the battery life. In other words, the more available RAM, without regard to the actual operation of the applications, the higher will be power consumption. In addition, the memory capacity of 2 GB and 3 GB is cheaper 4 – and 6-Gigabyte.

IOS 10 is constructed in such a way that this memory is enough to perform all its tasks. There are no preconditions to ensure that the impending iOS 11 will be significantly more demanding on the RAM than its predecessor.

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