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MTS 2 fold increase in the hidden charges with subscribers

MTS company in the corporate section of the official website published the news that subscribers now allowed to block the forced connection of the Internet traffic in excess of the specified terms of the rate limit. Along the way, as the publication of Content-review, the carrier increased the cost plug-in on exhaustion of the basic traffic package.

Previously subscribers Smart Mini pay 50 rubles an extra 500 MB, and now them it will cost 95 rubles. Subscribers of Smart+ and the “Smart bezlimita” will pay 150 rubles for 1 GB of additional space, and at the rate Smart exaction installed within 75 rubles per 500 MB.

On the website you can find a way to opt out of additional packages for the subscribers of the tariff line Smart. For this you need to dial *111*936# and press the call button.

As for batch options “BIT” and “Internet”, that describe how to disable the forcing of the additional traffic, neither on the website nor in the detailed fare conditions. However, in a PDF file with the description of the rates, such a possibility is declared.

The user of MTS Dmitry Novikov said that MTS has started to connect the option “Internet” in March 2017.

“Disabled it is also non-trivial, because you have all of a sudden, there are no connected services “Internet”, although a personal account tells you on the main page that it is. So instead of disabling this service you need to connect another service “disabling the Internet” to which more horseradish. And it can be done only in the dead of night in the period [unlimited Internet], because then Internet is considered to be inactive, and while it is active — it cannot be disabled”.

In March, subscribers are affected by their feelings from additional services MTS complained that they can’t read the company website each day and track changes. Representatives of the operator reasonable notice that the “description of service all information provided” — but a few years ago, the head of the MTS Group, public relations Elena Kochanowski clarified that the operator can take specific efforts when he was forced to “disclose information”.

Revealing the negative for the image of MTS data: “in the first 3 lines you have to put the water and the essence of ─ in the end, to not read”, — explained the publication corporate principle Kochanowski.

Another subscriber of MTS Alexey Tutubalin in March confirmed that “disabling the Internet” — not the most obvious task. As proof, he posted the (incomplete) list of services to disable:

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