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The U.S. government filed a lawsuit against Apple about the hacking of the iPhone drug dealer

The U.S. justice Department filed a lawsuit on Apple over the hacking of the iPhone belonging to the accused in drug trafficking Jana Fenya in the state of new York (USA). About it reports Reuters with reference to the statement reads.

Last week a judge in new York James Orenstayn ruled, according to which U.S. authorities under the law may not require Apple to hack your iPhone, which is owned by the suspect in the drug trade, and give the data contained in the device. According to Orenstein, the requirement of the Ministry of justice “undermines the fundamental principles of the Constitution”.

With this smartphone, the authorities hoped to disclose other participants in the scheme to distribute drugs, participated in by Jan fen.

On Monday, the U.S. authorities brought new arguments in court. Prosecutors referred to the decision of the court of California, which ordered Apple to unlock the phone arrow from San Bernardino Rizvan Farouk. In addition, the representative of the Ministry of justice claims that the phone from the case about drugs in new York works on the basis of an older operating system that Apple has already agreed to hack several times on previous occasions.

“Apple has the technical ability to circumvent system security and gain access to encrypted information in smartphone,” notes the justice Ministry in a statement.

The process comes amid high-profile cases the US Department of justice against Apple about the hacking device, which belongs to one of the terrorists, their attack in San Bernardino claimed the lives of 14 people. Justice Ministry demands from the Corporation unlock iPhone Rizvan Sayed Farouk. Apple has resisted attempts to gain access to encrypted data, claiming it would set a dangerous precedent to violate the rights of users and that such requests should not be considered in court and in Congress, which must enact appropriate legislation.

The U.S. justice Department wants to hack the phone of Jiang Feng, who has already confessed to the illegal trafficking of methamphetamine. But the authorities want to open his phone to set his accomplices.

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