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Whether Apple followed by Windows manufacturers to release a MacBook with built-in LTE modem? [poll]

Undoubtedly, most users choose a MacBook because of their compact size, handy and user-friendly operating system. As a rule, the owners of portable Apple computers prefer to work in the road, cafes, hotels and any other public places as its light weight it does not preclude.

However, not everywhere there is Wi-Fi network, the more free. That is why the owners forced the MacBook to use tethering on a smartphone or portable routers. This solution is not always convenient, because forget home “access point” as the laptop computer turns into an expensive toy, because most of the possibilities becomes unavailable due to no Internet connection.

PC manufacturers have already thought about a solution to this problem. Not long ago, the Xiaomi company has released a modification of the Mi laptop Notebook Air with integrated LTE. But this model is not sold outside of China.

Last year chip maker Qualcomm announced that it will support LTE in the line of future products, including laptops on Windows 10. Were presented a series of LTE modems Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, designed for laptops, tablets and devices “2-in-1” with Windows 10. The modems conform to the MBIM specification, and according to the manufacturer, will provide PC users an option already available on smartphones.

Support LTE devices with Windows 10 adds many major manufacturers, including Dell, HP, Lenovo and Panasonic. From Apple until there are only a few patents a laptop with LTE module. A recent document describes the ways of integration into the lid of the device antennas are of two types – Wi-Fi and LTE.

In 2011, eBay was put up engineering prototype of MacBook Pro 2007, equipped with a slot for a SIM card and is able to work in networks 3G. Apple thinks long about cell connectivity in the MacBook, but has not yet decided to represent a model.

What do you think, is it worth Apple following the manufacturers Windows-based PC to equip the new MacBook built-in SIM card? Perhaps this is a “SIM”. And it will allow you to connect to networks of mobile operators without the need of finding and purchasing SIM cards.

Whether Apple’s iPad example to add to the latest rumors, the new model Wi-Fi + LTE?

Whether you need MacBook or MacBook Pro with LTE modem?

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