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The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Daedric power

Often, very often (always) when the mobile game comes in the line of the famous and popular series, the public is disgusting he’s like, better [insert your own] ported, the name trash, I 25 years ago in [insert your] days were gone, and it’s a nasty hack capitalists, go [insert your own] the emulator will start, those were the days. Felt, in the comments under this review such will inevitably emerge – Legends shares a name with one legendary, one great and one just a cool game, but then nothing. After all, Legends is a card game for iOS in the spirit of Hearthstone. Sheogorath would be for heart seized.

But maybe not – at least the main Canon observed. You play as a prisoner – a guy wakes up in the middle of the Arena, where 20 years ago was born the way of the future pillar of the RPG. Looming enemy, quickly send it back, and then the vortex spins the scenario in full: lost girlfriend, is a friend of the smuggler, run past the Daedra, then again and again and at the end of the Orgy ends, it is time to save the world. Elder Scrolls Elder Scrolls remains even in this format – here you have “departed from the series”.

But, of course, is first and foremost a card game and the app it will remain. Familiar mechanics: is the main character, surrounded by fellow sufferers, there is an enemy that is of the same vital situation. You throw the cards, having carefully studied the characteristics: one hard hit, but with weak armor, second you can summon only after five moves, the third seems to be useless – low attack, weak shield, but is able to walk after being hit on the field. The veterans of the genre will find a couple of pleasant surprises – firstly, the field is divided into two parts: units from the left corner will not be able to attack on the right, and Vice versa. It is entertaining – you have to control two flank; the work twice.

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As is characteristic of any good card game, there are approximately a million options to win and lose – we can do whole round, push the opponent to the two remaining points of health, to nullify his entire deck, and he… well, let’s pull cool guard, put him in the right place, and the whole game will turn because you will ruin all the advantage on the unexpected security.

These Legends and touches the infinity of choices and a “Fight to the last” – until someone’s icon is covered with crack, you can’t say that the game is solved. Although, of course, it is more important for story mode – the multiplayer is shaken comrades carry him, literally, three seconds – one, two, lost.

With regard to the “elderscrolls” flavor, it is not so easy. Yes, the game starts with Arena as it started the whole universe. Yeah, in the commercials guess Cyrodiil, and muddy Argonian behaves as expected muddy Argonians – whether friend or enemy. Yes, the game knows about the Daedra and does not hesitate to sting for the heart units like “Balmora Mage”. But the rest of the Elder Scrolls is guessed by the labor of the design is downright stronger than the other (wretched cartoon), the soundtrack is taken from an open audiobus and so on. Hints there, the elements are there, but still – this game is about cards, so don’t wait anything remarkable in conjunction with the Elder Scrolls.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends distributed according to the standard for the genre scheme: first free, and then we’ll see. Then, indeed, will ask, and active – on boosters and packs with cool cards. The story takes place perfectly without it, but if you dream of a great career in local multiplayer, you probably will have to pay. But the rest – all wonderful.

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