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What you need to know about the upcoming jailbreak Apple TV

At the end of January it became known that a team of independent programmers working on a jailbreak Apple TV based on Yalu exploit the exactly defined exported from Luke Todesco. On the eve of Jonathan Levin, one of the creators of the tool, said work is almost completed, the release of the exploit will be held in the near future.

First of all, it is worth noting that Cydia on tvOS initially, although the developers claim support for the 64-bit version framework Mobile Substrate. Cydia’s Creator Jay Freeman later porting shop on tvOS, but when is still unknown.

The jailbreak will be poluprovodnik and it can be installed on any version of tvOS, except for 10.1.1, so update the console is not worth it. After completion of jailbreak process, you must ensure that you have disabled auto-update ON so you don’t accidentally install a fresh release from Apple.

Like the yalu, the jailbreak is likely to be a binary file which must be signed with your Apple ID. IPA includes the modified bootstrap files.tar containing /bin/sh ->/bin/bash/ some tools in /usr/local/bin Dropbear (SSH server keys in /etc/dropbear), and also some other binary files.

Levin warns that the jailbreak is primarily aimed at developers, regular users should not rush with the installation – there is a risk of a broken device.

“This release is primarily for developers and not for the General public. It provides 100% of the functionality required for the target audience with minimal intervention to the file system. And, as I did a stupid thing, overwriting the binary file (/usr/sbin/nvram), it turned my previous tvOS in “brick”. Had to buy another Apple TV for $149″.

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