A message is detected that restarts iPhone

Arabic script message may cause your iPhone to reboot. One of the users of the Reddit forum warned of a new bug for the owners of iOS devices.

A message is detected that restarts iPhone

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First, a message with a set of Arabic alphabet characters, leading to a reboot of the iPhone and iPad, was distributed via Telegram, and then appeared on Twitter. If you receive a similar message, as in the photo below, then in no case do not open it if you do not want your device to reboot.

A message is detected that restarts iPhone

Fortunately, this message does no harm other than a sudden reboot. Therefore, you should just be patient and wait for Apple to fix this bug. By the way, our foreign colleagues report that the problem is solved in the second beta version of iOS 13.4.5, which developers are testing now, which means that it will be finally fixed in the final version of iOS 13.4.5. Her exit is expected in the near future.

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