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OwnSpy: spy app that allows you to remotely activate the microphone and camera iPhone

Jailbreak allows you to extend the capabilities of Apple mobile devices and add various functions, which are unlikely to appear in the official environment. Online store, Cydia daily complemented by such developments.

If you suspect that someone is using your iPhone in your absence, or just want to remotely access the device, you should pay attention to OwnSpy. Utility has recently been updated to support iOS 10/iOS 10.2.

Thanks to OwnSpy you will be able to remotely control your mobile device. The program allows you to record calls, view photos, deleted messages SMS or WhatsApp, and even remotely activate the microphone on the iPhone. If your smartphone was stolen, you will be able to access the camera and take a picture of the attacker. Moreover, there is the ability to backup data at a distance, which is quite convenient.

It is not surprising that OwnSpy is not allowed to App Store, because with such a record, the program probably violates more than one Convention on human rights.

Installing on device spy app you get remote access not only to the location of the user (in this approach, your criminal rather can be called a victim), but perfect calls, running applications, history of web surfing. Through OwnSpy, however, is impossible to brush my own tracks, but you always can psychologically affect a burglar.

OwnSpy is available for free for a trial period of use. To install the full version, you will need to pay a small sum of money.

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