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Viber will stop developing apps for Windows 10

One of the most popular messengers in Russia Viber will no longer be developed for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. This was announced by the creators of the service. The client will still work, but in the future it will not be updated and receive new features.

Its decision in Viber explained by lack of resources and their redistribution with the aim of increasing efficiency. In this situation, the support of Windows 10 Mobile really looks like an extra expense, as the proportion of the OS tends to zero.

“To effectively use the limited resources of our company, we decided to abandon the support for Windows Phone 10 and Windows 10. We have no plans to release new versions in the foreseeable future. If our plans change, we will notify”, – said the representative of Viber.

As for PC users, there are also classic windowed app Viber, which has not yet terminated. Will continue the development of official clients for Mac and Linux.

However, we must understand that not on these platforms are key to Viber. The main directions of its development are mobile platforms iOS and Android, which began in 2010, the story of this messenger.

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