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What to expect from Apple quarterly report?

Tonight Apple will present the financial results for the third quarter of 2017. This will be the last report before the release of the new iPhone, and, most likely, Tim cook will make some assumptions about the release of the new smartphone. As for the report, analysts believe it will be the most boring report for the entire year.

The list of themes that Tim cook will rise during quarterly report, most likely, will look like this:

Comprehensive income

At the end of the previous quarterly report, Apple announced that during the third quarter plans to make a profit in the amount of $43,5-$45.5 billion According to analysts, the Corporation will report a profit of around $44 billion it is Very unlikely that Apple’s revenue during the reporting period, will overcome the mark of $46 billion.

IPhone sales

In may this year, Tim cook noted that iPhone sales slowed down because of rumors about the upcoming release of a new smartphone in the fall. Supposedly users are not in a hurry to buy the existing models, waiting for the anniversary updated iPhone.

In this case, slowing sales this quarter is a negative factor for Apple. However, this implies the problem that the company may face in the next three months — the lack of new smartphones on the market due to increased demand.

Net profit services

While sales of Apple gadgets are slowed down, services and applications continue to bring the company from Cupertino huge profits. iTunes, App Store, Apple Pay, Apple’s iCloud Music and became one of the main sources of corporate profit. The release of the new iPhone will only increase this figure.

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According to Tim cook, net profit from services and applications by the end of 2017 will bring Apple to the level of companies from the Fortune 100.

The Chinese market

All of the 2017 financial year, the company Apple is losing ground in the Chinese market. the iPhone is only the fourth most popular smartphone in the country, and, naturally, investors will want to hear from Tim cook on how he intends to stabilize the situation on one of the largest markets in the world.

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