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Opponents of Apple piled new Android app the company’s minimum estimates

As we already reported, Apple has released a new software the Beats Pill+ for the Android operating system. The app allows mobile devices to manage wireless speaker company.

“Download Beats Pill+ to get full access to the functions that put you and your friends the center of the music. App is created exclusively for the Beats Pill+. Now you can manage your speakers right from the app. Add a second Beats Pill speaker+ to get even more innovative way of listening to music”, – stated in the description Android-software.

Immediately after the appearance in the Google Play app store Apple for Android has received an average rating of 3 out of 5 possible points. To date, the rating dropped to 2.6 points, and the number of users who put the Beats Pill+ the minimum score is 1 point, close to 100 people.

The phenomenon is easily explained — a significant portion of the assessments delivered by those who decided to control audio from smartphones, and those who have chosen thus to Express their attitude to Apple.

“No, thank you Apple. This theme is for Baranov. They stupidly buy all that you cling to your logo” criticized the company Thomas Buckley II.

“Apple sucks. I’m a longtime PC user . Not so long ago I bought a iPhone 5s and keep it just to make sure that it is not my prejudice made me hate this smartphone. No, the phone just sucks and the company sucks too,” says embry td.

“Nice try Apple. Subconsciously trying to get me to switch to iPhone with the help of a buggy app. I don’t get shaken,” writes Kenny NightHawk Hensley.

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Beats Pill+ is the second app in the Apple for Android. Previously, the company presented the program Move to iOS to move data from Android to iPhone. It also was met with hostility and has earned a lot of unflattering comments, most of which are not associated with content Move to iOS and are negative passages in the address of the company.

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