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What really happened behind the scenes WWDC 2015 [video]

Opening of the conference for developers WWDC is always very different from the activities sponsored by its competitors. During a two-hour speech almost impossible to see the public of coding, like Microsoft, don’t talk about the next billion users as Facebook, and not have to scratch your head from moonshot projects, which Google likes to boast.

Monday online broadcast of the main presentation WWDC 2015 began with the presentation of new Apple products, and with the 4-minute Comedy sketch in which the company showed what happens behind the scenes in preparing for such events.

Actor and comedian bill Heyder appeared on the screen in the manner directed by David Legari: Sunday night, the dress rehearsal of the opening WWDC is in full swing, and behind the scenes business of confusion, slightly ordered chaos and just full of life.

If you begin watching online broadcast of the conference of developers WWDC 2015, from the outset, we missed the sketch Apple. The movie was so successful that the company has posted it on his YouTube channel. Now ordinary users can find out what apps are played in the clip (Angry Birds, Crossy Road, Goat Simulator, Evernote, Monument Valley, Tinder), be seen in the background bipedal icon Photos, admire the good cook’s doubles in the Elevator.

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