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Apple wants to teach Siri to automatically learn new words

Apple registered a new patent, according to which Siri will automatically learn and remember new words and phrases, writes Digital Trends.

Siri will analyze user requests and to search for the meaning of new words in search engines, social networks and news sites. The assistant will take into account the context in which was used an unfamiliar word.

According to Apple’s voice assistants can quickly become obsolete if they do not take into account language changes. With this feature, Siri could automatically Supplement the words and expressions that quickly gained popularity. Such a mechanism would be useful, for example, when it became popular, the word “cryptocurrency”.

This patent does not mean that the new feature present in iOS 12. Moreover, a similar Apple patent filed in 2015. The only conclusion that can be drawn is Apple is actively working to improve Siri and wants to do her best intelligent assistant.

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