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Toyota will not equip the cars with Apple CarPlay

Japanese Toyota go against the current trends in the field of infotainment systems, because it risks to be outsiders.

On the cars of the next generation Toyota plans to use the interface a little-known company Telenav is the widespread technology of Apple CarPlay, which is already being used by leading vehicle manufacturers, including Volkswagen and General Motors.

This step Toyota looks at least strange. Even if Telenav is a more convenient alternative to similar systems from Apple and Google, for modern consumers, “another” may mean “worst”.

Today, the car itself becomes a kind of additional device, and the ability to sync with smartphones can become almost decisive criterion when buying a car.

What will be the reaction of consumers, time will tell. As noted Kolesa, Toyota promises to provide system Scout GPS company Telenav on the new Tacoma pickup, which will be released next year.

We note that recently in the global update of multimedia systems Volkswagen has announced that almost all models will support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

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