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How to profitably sell Apple Watch?

If you are planning to buy Apple Watch 2 Series or just don’t use their Apple Watch, perhaps the time has come to sell the device. The Apple Watch is not as popular as the iPhone, so there are not so many good sites for sale, but we tried to highlight a few.

When to sell Apple Watch?

The best decision is to sell smart watches immediately before the release of a new model. Thus, the market will be crowded and prices will start to fall. In the case of Apple Watch is very difficult to predict when will be released new model.

The original Apple Watch debuted in the spring, and the models of the second generation in the autumn. The spread is quite large, but you also have a lot of time for sale. The ideal time is between March to September.

In addition, the Apple Watch is not a smartphone, so the worst thing that can happen if you sell too early you will have to wait a few weeks for the new model.

What you need to do before selling your Apple Watch?

Tear a few with the iPhone

When you turn off your Apple Watch from your smartphone and all the data with hours are erased, so no one will be able to access. So you can be sure that the new owner will not see your pictures, contacts, schedules and other information.

This procedure also removes the watch from your Apple account and remove the activation lock. If this is not done, the buyer simply will not be able to configure the device.

(If you have no iPhone on hand, you can erase data from Apple Watch, but in this case, you will have to disable the activation lock manually on the page iCloud).

  • Open the Watch app on the iPhone.
  • Go to My watch tab and select your model at the top of the screen.
  • Click the “i” next to your clock model.
  • Select “unpair Apple Watch”.
  • Press again to confirm the action.
  • Clean the housing

    Of course, that a simple reset is not enough. It is also necessary to clean the body of the gadget to make it look the most presentable.

    Let a few minutes and gently wipe the housing with a damp cloth, make sure that all stains and fingerprints have been erased.

    This is especially true if you intend to sell the Apple Watch on their own and plan to take photos. In this case, not just wipe the body, but also take pictures from this angle from which the watch look like new.

    Do not try to hide the flaws, then there was no need to return the money. Just take photos as more as possible qualitatively. Honest selling – best selling.

    Collect all the cables and straps

    When selling the Apple Watch and try to offer customers the original set with the box. This will give you an advantage over other sellers and will raise the price of the device. If you can’t offer a complete strap, attach the appropriate replacement. If the Apple Watch came with the strap in two sizes, include them in your kit.

    In addition, if you have straps from other manufacturers that you no longer wear, you can also give them along with the watch.

    Where to sell Apple Watch?

    The Apple Watch is a relatively new product, so the market for sale is not as developed as in the case of the iPhone. This means that you have little choice and will have to be done to make the effort.


    eBay will allow you to get more money from the sale of the old Apple Watch, but we need to do a lot of work and take some risk. If you have no problems to sell their own gadgets, you can get much more than the programs trade-in.

    Only make sure you:

  • Send only to confirmed PayPal buyer if you use PayPal.
  • Set an adequate price.
  • Take excellent photos showing all the defects.
  • Did at least one photo-enabled display to indicate that the watch operates.
  • Use the services of quick delivery and have it in the description.
  • Use keywords in the title and description of the goods to attract potential buyers.
  • Insured device in case of loss during shipping.
  • Watch out for buyers with a small number of reviews. Also, keep in mind that PayPal takes a Commission for payment.
  • Avito

    Avito – popular in the CIS platform for the sale of gadgets. The advantage of Amazon is that you can sell the device in person.

    When placing the ad make sure you:

  • Did not indicate your home address.
  • Set a competitive price. Look for other announcements about the sale of Apple Watch in your area and view their cost.
  • Indicated phone number for calls and SMS. This will increase the chance of a quick sale.
  • Agreed to meet with the buyer in a public place, preferably in daytime. Just in case you can take a friend.
  • Watch out for fraudulent emails. If someone offers you for your Apple Watch a large amount, much above this are likely scammers.
  • Why not sell the Apple Watch a family member or friend?

    Selling familiar person is different from selling to a stranger. If you don’t want to give up their free hours, just make the maximum possible discount. Also make sure your Apple Watch in good condition.

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