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The answer is Google 3D Touch on the iPhone is doomed to failure

Google has created a line of smartphones Pixel iPhone as the answer and claim to leadership in the mobile market. The result can hardly be called successful: as for premium models of the gadgets were quite a few disadvantages and all this was accompanied by a high price tag. In the second generation of smartphones Pixel the company hopes to correct deficiencies, with this number of new technologies.

One of the key innovations of the second generation Pixel-backgrounds will be an alternative to the 3D Touch technology from Apple. Although its capabilities it will be far from what is implemented in the iPhone.

Is sensitive to touch screen Google will give flagships Edge technology to Sense when a side face of the smartphones with pressure sensors, which detects the pressing force.

Touch the side panel in the Pixel 2 will work by analogy with the Edge Sense on HTC U11. This functionality will allow you to access various functions of the interface by depressing the sidewall. For example, use scale in maps and photos, answer calls, turn off the alarm, switch the view modes in the calendar.

Also refers to the possibility to use compression to start the voice assistant Assistant Google even when the screen is off.

“This technology is a response by Google on 3D Touch, but it won’t be as good. The solution Apple offers a lot more: gestures can be used anywhere on the iPhone’s display, they are more accurate. You have different actions and shortcuts depending on where you press,” writes Quillen bell from Cultofmac.

“It is not clear why the main competitors are still not copied 3D Touch. If you consciously start to use the feature, it greatly simplifies the use of the device. In the end, you wonder how you could live without it. Perhaps this is due to difficulties in the production of such displays,” he adds.

It is known that Google will try to fix some known drawbacks of this technology, proposing a series of software improvements. In particular, in order to avoid false positives, the sensitivity can be set.

In addition to sensory facets of smartphone Pixel 2 will receive 5,99-inch OLED display with sRGB color gamut, feature always-on display and new Android operating system O.

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