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Top Manager of “MegaFon” has filed a lawsuit against Apple and asks for help from Facebook users

Director of communications with the authorities of “MegaFon” Dmitry Petrov filed a lawsuit against Apple, which, according to him, introduces consumers to the confusion. It’s all in the size of gigabytes.

As said a top Manager of “MegaFon”, the company from Cupertino takes the size in gigabytes 1000 megabytes and Russian law — 1024 MB. Petrov added that the court went as a consumer and not as a representative of the operator.

“The dispute concerns the size of megabytes. At Apple, he = 1000 KB, in Russian legislation is 1024 KB. The defendant asked the court to conduct the examination. It is not clear why, but it’s okay. Question — is this even possible? There is some calibrated equipment for measuring memory capacity? Or have to download a known file sizes, for example, in MP3)” — said Dmitry Petrov.

We are talking about discrepancy of real memory iPhone application developers. Petrov said that he had bought the iPhone 6s 16 GB memory but in fact it was less than 12 GB and in compliance with international scheme, when the size of a Gigabyte is 1000 bytes. The plaintiff demands to return spent on the phone 54 000 and 45 000 rubles as compensation.

April 6, Presnensky district court of Moscow has postponed hearings under the claim to the Russian representation of the Corporation “Apple Rus” and re: store on may 22. The reason was the necessity to conduct the above examination of memory.

“In the contract nothing. Just 16 GB. There are instructions, but this is after the transfer of goods can be found. In addition, there are inaccurate advertising,” said Petrov in the comments.

The problem of different size gigabytes does exist. Manufacturers of hardware and hard disks still use the old standard when 1 GB was 1000 MB. Under the new standards, 1 GB is 1024 MB.

Earlier Dmitry Petrov has addressed in Federal Antimonopoly service with another complaint against Apple. He said that the company abused its dominant position on the market of iPhone repair. As a result, the FAS has obliged the company from 1 may 2017 to open in Russia, a unified service center. The court rejected the claim Petrov, in which he asked to oblige Apple to put the screens in the Russian services.

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