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No, Apple will not transfer the Home button and Touch ID on back panel iPhone 8

Yesterday, the network appeared “real” drawings iPhone 8 with vertically arranged dual camera and display “edge to edge”. Network long debate, where in this case Apple will get a Touch ID sensor: rear panel or under the front glass. On this scheme we can see that the fingerprint scanner Touch ID is under the Apple logo on the back of the smartphone. However, there are doubts as to the authenticity of this “leak”.

A couple of weeks ago we saw the concept, which almost completely reproduces this drawing. Thus, either the concept, and the drawing describe the same real device, or someone has made a fake concept.

There are several points that indicate a fake. First of all, the diagram indicated that the thickness of the iPhone 8 is 8.6 mm. Thus, the upcoming device will be 1.5 mm thicker than the iPhone 7 and 1 mm thicker than the 4-inch iPhone SE. It turns out that the manufacturer, for which the thickness and weight of devices is a fetish, will release a tenth-anniversary flagship with the thickness of the smartphone of 2011?

8 iPhone needs to display “edge to edge”, so Apple will have to remove the “Home” button. It is expected that Touch ID will be embedded directly into the screen, although recently there are rumors that the company had difficulties with the integration of the module into the display.

It is believed that the iPhone 8 may also receive the facial recognition technology users and it can replace the Touch ID. But such a development is unlikely due to low security. This system can be offered as a Supplement to the fingerprint scanner to the device owner could choose a more convenient option. But payment will continue to use the Touch ID.

There is every reason to believe that the published images are fake. First of all, because the manufacturer will not increase the thickness of the smartphone. In addition, Apple will not go to the deterioration of the ergonomics of a smartphone, transferring Touch ID on the rear panel. Such a move could really afford to avoid problems with the integration of the module into the display. But this solution is not consistent with the philosophy of Apple and will critique not only ordinary users, but also fans of the company.

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