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How to solve problems with LTE, iMessage and FaceTime after jailbreaking iOS 10

This week, independent developer Luc Todesco released app Yalu, allowing to carry out untethered jailbreak for iOS 10.1.1 and earlier versions of the OS. The decision came three months after the release of the public version of iOS 10, this is the first exploit to hack the new software platform Apple. As in the case of exploits for earlier versions of iOS, it was found vulnerability in the operating system.

After applying the Yalu jailbreak the device receives polarimetry jailbreak. This means that once jailbroken iPhone after rebooting does not maintain its properties, and to restore full the jailbreak, you must re-run the exploit from the home screen.

The procedure of jailbreaking does not cause issues for most users, however the process of using the gadgets after the break raises several questions. In particular, some users have problems with the operation of LTE networks and services FaceTime and iMessage. They can be solved by using the Terminal on Mac or putty app on Windows.

Solving problems with LTE, FaceTime and iMessage after jailbreak iOS 10:

Step 1: Check that you have active jailbroken, running Cydia icon. If the store opens and immediately closes, start the desktop utility mach_portal to activate jailbreak.

Step 2: connect your iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network to which your computer is connected.

Step 3: Launch terminal from the Utilities folder (or the application of putty on Windows).

Step 4: Connect via SSH to your device with the following command:

ssh root@ваш.ip.адрес

This will replace the “your.ip.address” to the IP address of your iPhone. Find out the IP address of the iPhone can be going to the Wi-Fi settings clicking on the icon with the letter “i” next to the name of the network.

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Step 5: Enter the root password of your iPhone. The default is “alpine”.

Step 6: Type in a Terminal the following command:

chmod 777 /var; chmod 777 /var/mobile chmod 777 /var/mobile/Library; chmod 777 /var/mobile/Library/Preferences

Step 7: Restart your iPhone and enjoy a fully working gadget!

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